Saturday, October 1, 2016

Setup Day for October


We took down Jari’s and Sharon’s shows and got the Gallery repainted and set up with our new arrangement in the upper room.  Below is Jari in front of her amazing Chinese Brush Paintings.

Featured Artist Jarien de Ham

Guest Artist Sharon Sobraske

And we put up Linda Bench’s amazing drawings and Ardella Swanberg’s beautiful watercolors in the lower Gallery.  Both of these artists are master painters and have an incredible eye for color and composition.  


Both Jack and Spanky were helping set up with all the details that go into making the Gallery look professional and awesome.  And we Scott Birchell, below, got a couple of his beautiful photographs up on his new wall.



Our amazing Hanging Crew also installed the Central Coast Iconographers show in the upper room and it’s an incredible show of color, texture, and beauty—so much gold leaf and history!


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