Sunday, July 31, 2016

Setup Day for August 2016


We had a great time getting Beth Sargent’s and Susan Manbeian’s artwork up on the Gallery Show walls on Saturday.  It was an early foggy Saturday morning so we all enjoyed munching down donuts while we chatted with all the artists.  Jeff Odell and Greg Siragusa, part of our Hanging Crew, helped Susan carry up her wonderful canvases…some were very huge!…and get the canvases ready to hang.  Beth had already carried her photography up the stairs and was ready to go!  Beth’s photography is amazing and it’s the first thing you see when you start climbing to our front door.  And Sue’s ginormous and wonderful  canvas of flowers greets you as you come up the inner stairway.  Come to the Gallery at take a look at our amazing artists and new shows.



We had a good turn-out for our Lunch Bunch crowd at the Dutchman.  The city was so crowded with tourists that it was good we left early for lunch and we got our special table so we all could visit.  Jack and Gay shared photos of their trip to Alaska and we caught up on all the fun things that we all have been doing this summer.  We have such fun!!

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