Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Setup Day for June, 2016


We had a good Memorial Weekend and we had tons of tourists coming into town and into our Gallery.  Our Set Up Day went great with Spanky getting his amazing paintings installed in the lower gallery and Bill Sima, with his incredible photography on metal, in the upper gallery.  We started early, as usual with our Hanging Crew, so that we could begin hanging at 9am and finish before 11am... so we all could go to lunch.  We had a small group at Lunch Bunch yesterday, only the six of us, but we had so much fun getting to know one another better!!  The shows look wonderful!!



Please mark your calendars for Friday, June 10th for our fun evening of meeting and greeting tourists and creating customer connections.   Our customers are the reason we have a gallery and we need to all spend time developing relationships with the people who love our work and who buy our work.  And you’ll want to hear Mike Swanberg sing and hear his wonderful music!  We will also have some great finger foods to eat!!

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