Monday, February 1, 2016

Setup Day for February 2016

Our crews work very hard at taking down Carlo’s and Virginia’s shows on Friday.  Don spent a lot of time painting and spackeling walls and making our Gallery look pristine again. Jeff and Spanky worked hard at taking down work and helping the artists pack up their shows. 

Sharon Sobraske moved to a wall in the upper room and Carlo moved his work to the wall next to Ingrid Brink, so we had lots of activity going on that day.  And Gregory McIntosh was very busy organizing Community Walls with new work and rotating art throughout the Gallery.  And Spanky was busy helping install our newest member, Ryan Carroll, who does amazing paper collage.  His wall is in the upper room next to Lisa Kanofsky—welcome aboard Ryan!

Gary Fair came super early to the Gallery so we were able to get his show up first.  If you haven’t been to a Set Up Day, then you haven’t seen the great system we have in place.  Don, Greg, Jeff, Greg and Spanky do such great work hauling artwork up the stairs, unpacking boxes and bags and set out each piece of artwork that needs to be hung.  We have such a great team working together…my job is to step back and look at each wall as one large canvas so that each framed picture that is hung all works with the others framed pieces around it.  Don hammers the nails in place and works with me on placement while Jeff and Spanky feed him nails and artwork.  It’s a real team effort and lots of work and we’ve had a Hanging Crew do this together for 13 years now—some of the crew has changed over the years, but Don and I have been doing it the whole time.  And Gary’s oil paintings are amazing and his show is great with so many wonderful waterscape images with surfers and boats and so much more.  You have to come and see it all.

Jillian came on time and Greg helped haul her work up to the upper room and I worked out the placement of each piece while Don and Spanky and Jeff got all the wonderful photography up on the walls while Greg helped manage clean up.  Her show looks wonderful and full of color!!  Such fun photography.

We had 7 artists who joined in for the Lunch Bunch and they said they had a great time.  We had Don, Jillian, Gay, Jack, Carlo, Jeff and Greg (who was taking the pic).  It’s such a good marketing strategy to get other artists to know you so that they can sell your work better when it’s their day to sit.

Friday, February 12th is our Opening Reception for Gary Fair and Jillian Parks!!  Please come and support your fellow artists and make some sales for yourself while your there!!  We'll have lots of food and wonderful music by Mike Swanberg.


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