Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Setup Day for December - 2015

Hello Everyone—

We had a fantastic Set Up Day…all the artists in the Group Shows, “Glory of the Morros” and “Zoom In, Zoom Out”  had their artwork at the Gallery on time for our Hanging Crew…Don, Spanky, Greg, and Jeff….here’s Greg and Spanky putting up the smaller framed works on the wood wall around the window.

And our Hanging Crew did a terrific job at installing all the amazing artwork.  It’s a beautiful show in both rooms!  Such awesome, talented artists that we have in these two shows and in the whole Gallery!!

And it was so great to see our photographers and painters all chit-chatting throughout the morning…here’s Alice talking with Virginia and Sarah and Jari.

And then going over to the Dutchman Restaurant for our Lunch Bunch Event…we had 14 artists gathered together for the meal and we had such a good time catching up with each others lives and sharing our thoughts and creative ideas and talking about art and food, and sharing photos on our smart phones as you can see Jack doing in the photo. 

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 11th…for our Opening Reception for these two wonderful shows and for our Christmas Party…5-8pm.  All the show artists will be bringing lots of holiday treats for us to eat and Mike Swanberg will be entertaining us with his amazing voice and guitar music!