Sunday, November 1, 2015

Setup Day for November 2015

We had such an awesome Set Up Day.  Ingrid's and Sarah’s show looks amazing and the colors from all the paintings really work so well together.  You can see from the photos that Ingrid and Sarah use a similar color palette so all the artwork for the show looks wonderful together.

And Mark’s show is spectacular on the red wall with all his amazing oil paintings.  Please mark your calendars for Friday, Nov 13th for our Opening Reception and come to support these 3 talented artists and meet the customers…and even sell some of your own work while you meet and greet all the folks!!

We had a terrific turn-out for our Out To Lunch Bunch on Set Up Day…it’s so wonderful to catch up with all the things happening with our members, share ideas and talk about art!!  Our Hanging Crew does such an awesome job in getting our shows up.  Thank you guys!

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