Sunday, May 5, 2013

Setup Day for May’s Show

May’s show for exhibiting artists Beth Sargent (photography) and Stephen Wolfe (acrylics) was set up last Tuesday, and it looks great! We always set up our new shows on the 30th of the month (except February, of course, which we do on the 28th). 

Beth Sargent and her
Setup-day is also a day when new artists set up their work for the first time, and many of the rest of the artists change their displays and bring in new work.

Some of the artists also get together for lunch at a local restaurant, so “setup-day” is always a lot of opportunity for rubbing elbows and having fun!

Stephen Wolfe and his acrylic paintings
The “lunch bunch” from left to right: Nona Jane Siragusa, owner;
Gregory Siragusa; Don Doubledee; Cheryl Strahl; Beth Sargent;
Linda Bench; Jack McNeal; Gay McNeal, Sarah DeLong; Hope Myers
Thanks to Don Doubledee for taking the photos!

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