Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Artists’ Reception

Gallery at Marina Square had a festive November reception featuring the art of the multi-talented Ardella (Jo) Swanberg, and our many crafts artists: Kristina Albion, Rod Baker, Rick Carter, Sandy Christey, Diane & Keith Kerner, Janice Ray Lehmkuhl, Debbie McCrigler, Gay McNeal, Rodney Meador, Diane Miller, Hope Myers, Lois Pruitt, Larry Shapers, Rod Steelman, Kathryn Thomas, Bonnie Werring, John Wilson.

Festive food...
Featured artist Ardella Swanberg
Some of our crafts artists: Janice Ray-Lehmkuhl and Hope
Myers in front, and left to right in back: John Wilson,
Rodney Meador, Rod Steelman, Rick Carter, Lois Pruitt,
Bonnie Werring, Kathryn Thomas, and Debbie McCrigler 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Setting up for November’s Show

Does this look right yet?
Gallery at Marina Square’s featured and guest artists set up their shows for November. This month we are featuring the colorful work of artist Ardella (Jo) Swanberg, and Gallery at Marina Square’s Crafts artists. The 30th of each month is always of fun day of busyness as our exhibiting and guest artists bring in and hang work for the new show, other gallery members add to and rotate their artwork, and new artists hang their work for the first time. Afterwards, the artists get together for lunch at local restaurant nearby.
Ardella Swanberg perfects her display
Bonnie Werring has a giggle

Janice Ray-Lehmkuhl, Jeff Odell,
Rodney Meador, and Gay McNeal—
busy at work