Saturday, July 7, 2012

June 30th Setup Day

Each month, on the 30th, our exhibiting and guest artists bring in and hang their work for the new show. Other gallery members also come in to rotate their artwork, and new artists hang their work for the first time. Afterwards, the artists get together for lunch at local restaurant nearby.

It’s always a busy day! Here are pictures of setup day for July’s show...

Randee Ward, exhibiting artists, gets some help
from Rodney Meador
Erin Williams, one of
our new artists
Diane Kerner, one of our
new artists 
Rosanne Seitz, guest artist for July

George Asdel cleans up as
customers gather at the sales desk
Jo-Neal Boic, fixing up her wall

Randee Ward, exhibiting artist—all set!
The “lunch bunch”—left to right: Cheryl Strahl, Erin
Williams, Charlene Kraft, Gay McNeal, Rodney Meador, Mary
Ratner,Nona Jane Siragusa (owner), Don Doubledee, Randee Ward