Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our New Garden Art Cart

This week gallery members Rodney Meador and Don Doubledee built a new “garden art cart” under owner Nona Jane Siragusa’s direction. We will be using it to display some of our outside ware on our back patio... things like garden iron-ware, twirling sun catchers, wind-chimes, succulent mini garden pots, mosaic garden pots, glass garden stakes, and more.

Thanks Rodney and Don!

Finally in place!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Artists’ Reception—March 9, 2012

Attendance was great for our March reception for our featured artists, Beth Sargent and Cheryl Strahl (photographers), and our guest artist, Jim Carlisle (oil and watercolor). A few pictures are worth a thousand words!

The sales desk looks busy!
Jim Carlisle, our guest artist
Music man, Mike Swanberg...

Featured artists, photographers Cheryl Strahl and Beth Sargent

Gallery owner, Jane Siragusa, gets a happy birthday song

A beautiful, gluten-free, delicious birthday cake!
The gallery sparkles from across the atrium.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The “Lunch Bunch” on Setup Day

From left to right: Beth Sargent,
Patricia Newton, Linda Bench,
Rodney Meador, Janice Ray-Lehmkuhl,
Deborah Hintergardt, Cheryl Strahl,
Gay McNeal, Jack McNeal,
Sarah DeLong
The 30th of every month is the gallery’s “set-up day.” Of course, February does not have a 30th... so setup day for our March shows is on February 28th (or 29th, as the case may be!) Each month our guest artist and featured artist(s) bring in and hang their work for the new show. We also frequently have new artists hanging work, and other gallery members coming in to rotate their artwork. Afterwards, everyone gets together for lunch at local restaurant nearby.