Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 2011 Reception

Gallery at Marina Square drew a great crowd to the monthly reception on October 14th. Susan Wood was featured artist, showing her watercolors, and the guest artist wall was covered with drawings from the Friday Life Drawing Group in their exhibit “Clothing Optional.”

The Friday Life Group first started to draw together back in 1981. Al Musso, in the center of the photo below, is the oldest member of the group and has been a member of the Friday Life Group almost from the beginning. Al won man of the year at Cayucos this year. We think he will be 95 this November! He has been an active member of the Cayucos and Morro Bay art world for many years after moving here from LA. He still teaches at the Cayucos Vets Hall.

Some of the Friday Life Drawing group. From left to right:
Frederique Rostovsky, Jan Mannering, Al Musso,
Ardella Swanberg, Jackie Morello.
Thanks to Don Doubledee for the photo.

Susan Wood, with friends. From left to right:
Laura Grace and Thomas Stevenson, Raul Brenner,
Susan Wood, Deborah Krueger, and Jay Christie. Photo
taken by Sapphire Grace.

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