Monday, December 12, 2011

Reception—December 2011

Our last reception of 2011—the year has flown by! Being the holiday season, we had a very festive reception... and we had some amazing food!

Our featured artist, Shelley Myers arranged with a friend to prepare food for our reception—and what a feast she brought! Wonderful slices of roasted lamb with rosemary, little endive leaf “boats” filled with veggies, shrimp cocktail, cold cuts, beautiful cheeses, cookies, chocolate... it was quite a spectacular display!

Artists Shelley Myers, Laura Dienzo and Bev Brown
admire their preparations.
Artist Alice Cahill explains the intricacies of the contents
of the food platters to an amazed audience.
Even Kris Kringle stopped by with a twinkle
(actually our own Don Doubledee)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011—Set-up Day and the Lunch Bunch

The 30th of every month is “set-up day.” A new “Guest Artist” and a “Featured Artist” bring in their work for the new show. In addition, many artists of Gallery at Marina Square rotate their artwork. Afterwards, everyone gets together for lunch at local restaurant nearby.

The gallery is teeming with activity on set-up day! 

Rodney Meador cheerfully helps get our
featured artist all set up.

Here’s our November “lunch bunch”:

Clockwise from left: Nona Jane Siragusa, Rodney
Meador, Gail Blodgett, Cathie and George Asdel,
Deborah Hintergardt, Karen Peterson, Shelley
Myers, Gay and Jack McNeal

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Setup Day, October 30, 2011

At the end of every month, a new “Guest Artist” and a “Featured Artist” bring in their work for the new show. This month, we have a special exhibit in place of a guest artist... our Annual Holiday Gift Show. On “setup day” we had Gallery at Marina Square artists rotating their artwork, as usual. Afterwards, a bunch of us got together for lunch at nearby restaurant.

The setup day for our November exhibits was another busy setup day—our featured artist, Charles Pruitt had everything set up so fast that he was gone before the lunch bunch even convened!

Some of our "crafty" artists having a good time on
setup day. From left to right Janice Ray-Lehmkuhl,
Diane Miller, Bev Brown, Rodney Meador. 
October 30th "lunch bunch"— Bev Brown, Rodney Meador,
Jane Siragusa, Linda Bench, Diane Miller, Susan Wood,
Hope Myers

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 2011 Reception

Gallery at Marina Square drew a great crowd to the monthly reception on October 14th. Susan Wood was featured artist, showing her watercolors, and the guest artist wall was covered with drawings from the Friday Life Drawing Group in their exhibit “Clothing Optional.”

The Friday Life Group first started to draw together back in 1981. Al Musso, in the center of the photo below, is the oldest member of the group and has been a member of the Friday Life Group almost from the beginning. Al won man of the year at Cayucos this year. We think he will be 95 this November! He has been an active member of the Cayucos and Morro Bay art world for many years after moving here from LA. He still teaches at the Cayucos Vets Hall.

Some of the Friday Life Drawing group. From left to right:
Frederique Rostovsky, Jan Mannering, Al Musso,
Ardella Swanberg, Jackie Morello.
Thanks to Don Doubledee for the photo.

Susan Wood, with friends. From left to right:
Laura Grace and Thomas Stevenson, Raul Brenner,
Susan Wood, Deborah Krueger, and Jay Christie. Photo
taken by Sapphire Grace.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Set-up Day and The Lunch Bunch—October 2011

At the end of every month, a new “Guest Artist” and a “Featured Artist” bring in their work for the new show. In addition, many artists of Gallery at Marina Square rotate their artwork. Afterwards, everyone gets together for lunch at local restaurant nearby.

Jack McNeal and Rod Baker help set up the featured artist.
Ardella ("Jo" Swanberg) looks relieved to have the
guest artist wall all set for the Friday Life Drawing Group.

Here’s our October “lunch bunch”:
Clockwise from front left: Patricia Newton, Rodney Meador, Jane Siragusa (owner), Chuck Pruitt, Lois Pruitt, Ardella Swanberg, Rod Baker, Susan Wood, Gail Blodgett, Hope Myers, Linda Bench—and Don Doubledee took the photo.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Annual Gallery Potluck Picnic, 2011

On August 21st we got together for our fabulous annual picnic potluck—this year artist Jo (Ardella) Swanberg and hubby Neal invited us to their ranch in the hills behind Cayucos. The day was perfect—not too hot, not cold, nice and sunny. Everybody brought great food and luscious deserts, and we had tons of grilled chicken—we definitely did not leave hungry! Some of us went on expeditions to tour the property, see the pond, and go up the hill. The rest of us just had a good old time sharing stories and catching up.

Jo Swanberg, Rodney Meador—
getting things ready.
Jo Swanberg, Mike Swanberg, Carol
and Rod Baker, Don Doubledee,
Susan Wood

Susanna Hintergardt, Neal Swanberg, George Asdel,
Jane Siragusa, Kathie Asdel

Diane Miller, Beth Sargent, Alice Cahill,
Don Henderson, Karen Peterson

As always, our music man,
Mike Swanberg

Don Doubledee looks very surprised!
Kathie Asdel, Christine Cortese,
 Susanna Hintergardt, Neal Swanberg,
George Asdel, owner Jane Siragusa

An expedition to explore the ranch.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Artists’ Reception—August 2011

Our receptions are always a great way for our artists to get together and share with each other and with our customers. August 12th was no exception:

The food table is always popular!

Guest artist, Robert Howell,
in deep discussion with
artist Ardella Swanberg
Featured artist Don Doubledee,
with artists Rodney Meador
and James Crawford

Owner Jane Siragusa, absorbing fascinating information!

Featured artist Karen
Peterson with Pamela Link

Artists Chuck Pruitt and
Patricia Newton

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 2011 Artists’ Reception

Gallery at Marina Square celebrated its 8th anniversary at the July 8th Artists’ Reception. Our receptions are always a wonderful time of artists working together at the gallery and meeting and greeting our customers. We gain an opportunity for life-long friendships, a sense of family, the creating of artwork and meeting new people, and the camaraderie and love of each other's artistic progress—we are an active team all working hard at keeping the level of professionalism strong and striving to make the customer experience at Gallery at Marina Square inviting and exciting. Here are some pictures from the reception:

A busy gallery!
Happy 8th, Gallery!

Our music man,
Mike Swanberg

Guest artist, Mike Francis

Artist George Asdel, nibbling

New member, Michael Wilson

Featured artist, 
Deborah Hintergardt

New member, Stephanie Sproul

New member, Jarien DeHam

Nikki Lynn Piker
New member,
Nikki Lynn Piker

Artists Susan Wood and
Galen Griwwold

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank You, Patricia!

We almost had an empty wall! Our May guest artist had to leave early... so at the last minute our own Patricia Newton stepped up to fill our guest artist wall for the last week of May.

Pat Newton and her beautiful paintings on our guest artist wall.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Reception, May 2011

Our May reception was for our guest artist, Sharon Sobraske, and our two featured artists, Jay Bonestell and Mary Velasquez, but we were also happy to introduce two of our newest artists, Stephanie Sproul (photography) and Rodney Meador (stained glass).

Rodney Meador
Stephanie Sproul

Photos courtesy of Chuck Pruitt

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Setup Day for April Exhibit

Every month at Gallery at Marina Square, on the 30th, a new show is hung. It’s a lot of work! 

Featured artist, Gay McNeal, wonders is she's done yet...
Gay's work...
More of Gay's work...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami Closes Gallery and Artists’ Reception

Friday, March 11th was supposed to be the day for Gallery at Marina Square’s Artists’ Reception for featured artist, Debi Basile, and for guest artist, Susan O’Connor. For the first time in eight years, the gallery had to cancel its monthly reception.

This was a great disappointment to all the gallery’s artists and patrons, who look forward to the monthly receptions, but especially to Debi Basile and to Susan O’Connor, our guest and featured artists for March. Their exhibitions are up for the whole month, however, until March 29th, and Gallery at Marina Square is open every day from 10am to 6pm.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from low lying areas in Morro Bay, like the harbor and the Embarcadero, because of concern about the tsunami created by the devastating earthquake in Japan, and of course, this included the gallery.

As the tidal surge came in, the force was strong enough to knock out a dock pylon along Tidelands Park, not that far south of the gallery. That caused a section of dock to collapse where a boat was tied up along it, and the police said that swells also knocked some boats loose when the initial surge arrived Friday morning. The police told Gallery owner, Jane Siragusa, that the Embarcadero would be off limits until 10pm, so there was no choice but to cancel the reception.

Every month, on the second Friday of the month, Gallery at Marina Square holds an artists’ reception, from 5pm to 8pm. This March’s reception will sadly be remembered as the one that didn’t happen.