Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Lunch Bunch, October 2009

At the end of every month, a new “Guest Artist” and a “Featured Artist” bring in their work for the new show. In addition, several artists of Gallery at Marina Square, rotate their artwork.

Afterward, everyone meets at a local restaurant nearby for lunch.

From left to right, clockwise: Karen Peterson, Cheryl
Rodgers, Christine Cortese, George Asdel, Linda Bench,
Zach Smith and his girlfriend, Richard Kish (center back),
Deb Festa, Jack McNeal and Hope Myers
Cheryl Rodgers, Christine Cortese, George Asdel, Zach
Smith, Richard Kish, Pat Newton, Deborah Hintergardt,
Owner Nona Jane Siragusa and Gay McNeal
Jade Herrera, Cheryl Rodgers, Christine Cortese,
George Asdel, Linda Bench, Zach Smith, Richard Kish,
Deb Festa, Deborah Hintergardt, Nona Jane Siragusa,
Gay McNeal, Patricia Kung, Jack McNeal,
Hope Myers and Karen Peterson.