Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gallery at Marina Square Annual Potluck 2009

Thank you, Deb and Ray, for opening your home and beautiful patio full of spectacular flowers, to host this years annual potluck. This annual event has become a tradition for all of us at the gallery.

This year’s host and hostess, Deb and Ray Festa

Although we work closely together as a team, gather every second Friday of the month to support the featured Artist and happily greet you the public (the folks who make this all possible)... We are a very special family of artists here on the Central Coast of California, to include ceramic, jewelery, hand blown glass, quilting, crochet, watercolors, oil, acrylic, pastel, photography, pen and ink, and much more.

We share ideas, tips, and general information.

And we enjoy each other.

Nona Jane Siragusa, Owner, Gallery at Marina Square
From left to right: Gay McNeal, Sandy Christey,
Jack McNeal and Karen Peterson
Back to front: Jeff Hoffman, Dianne Hoffman,
Kathie Asdel and Nancy Hill
Carolyn and Steve Henderson, Adrienne Yeadon,
Pat Newton and Jo Swanberg
Greg Siragusa
Lots of wonderful people, special recipes and home
cooked food. Hintergardt Children and Neal Swanberg
Lois Pruitt, Sandy Christey, Richard Kish and Gay McNeal
Adrienne Yeadon, Brent Hintergardt, George Asdel,
Ray Festa, Kathie Asdel, Pat Newton, Karen Peterson,
Alice Cahill
Alice Cahill, Don Henderson, Chuck Pruitt and Lois Pruitt
Carolyn Henderson, Steve Henderson, Deborah Hintergardt
Adrienne Yeadon, Pat Newton, Neal and Jo Swanberg
Deborah Hintergardt’s daughter, Greg Siragusa, owner Jane
Siragusa, Chuck Pruitt, Lois Pruitt, Alice Cahill, Jeff
Hoffman, Gay McNeal, Sandy Christey and Jack McNeal
Neal Swanberg, Galen Griswold, Jane Siragusa, Deborah
Hintergardt, Tim Robinson, Sue Robinson and Jack McNeal
Jack McNeal, Karen Peterson, Deborah Hintergardt,
Brent Hintergardt and Hintergardt children
Don Henderson, Alice Cahill, Jane Siragusa, Chuck Pruitt
and Lois Pruitt
Sue Robinson, Tim Robinson, George Asdel, Richard Kish,
Galen Griswold, Jeff Hoffman, Diane Hoffman and
Hoffman children and Kathie Asdel
Hope Myers with above
Steve Henderson, Carolyn Henderson and Susan Wood
Adrienne Yeadon, Pat Newton, Susan Wood, Deb Festa
and Carolyn Henderson