Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Setup Day for April 2017

Our Set Up Day for Ardella Swanberg and Don Doubledee was very exciting. The Gallery is full of color again embracing the Spring Season, and we are all getting prepared for Opening Reception Night, April 14th— where Ardella and Don will be doing live demos and the MB Estuary will be talking about the Science of the Bay. Mark your calendars to come and support us, meet our newest members, and market your own artwork!

When you walk around the Gallery you will see black Info cards on some of our artists’ walls that the Morro Bay National Estuary Program put up to help inform customers about the science of caring for our beautiful edge of the sea location. Each card talks about different states and aspects of the bay that the MB Estuary protects. Below is Bill Sima’s wall so you can see how it looks…and a pic of Spanky and Suzanne who helped with Set Up Day!


Ardella Swanberg's and Don Doubledee's Shows are amazing…and really capture so many significant places on the bay where the habitat needs our protection.



Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 2017 Setup Day!!

Hello Everyone—

Mark your calendars for the Opening ReceptionFriday, March 10th from 5-8 pm for Dottie Visker and Jack & Gay McNeal and that’s this coming up this Friday!  And we had such a fun Set Up Day this week.  Dottie’s amazing & blazing acrylic paintings were installed by our fabulous Hanging Crew and the whole lower Gallery is Springtime!  



And Jack's and Gay’s incredible combination of photography and fabric art together on the red upper Gallery show wall is simply wonderful.  The Art Quilts pick up the colors in the photography and the combination is really amazing to see.  


BEGINS MARCH 12th... And this will give us more daylight and lots more visitors to the Gallery!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Setup Day for February 2017!

We had an amazing Set Up Day for Hope Myers and Ryan Carroll.  Hope’s show is a combination of watercolor canvases and her wonderful collages.  Lots of sizes and prices to appeal to all the customers.  Ryan’s incredible cut paper masterpieces are a sight to behold…layers and layers of cut paper that make his artwork 3-dimensional.

Some of Hope Myer's artwork!
Ryan Carrol's Guest Artist Wall!

Our Friday Art Walk & OPENING RECEPTION for Hope and Ryan is Friday, February 10th, 5-8pm...

We will also have Walter Saul doing our music for that night!! The local restaurant owners are preparing for lots of honeymooners and romantic-weekenders coming that weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We will have lots of HEART related artwork ready for them!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Setup Day for January 2016!!


It’s hard to believe that this is the last day for 2016 and tomorrow will begin a New Year 2017!  I hope everyone has an amazing New Year’s Day and we will be open at the Gallery so that customers will see all of our amazing artwork!  The town is full of tourists and lots of people are coming to the Gallery to make purchases so we’ve had some great sale days.

The Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival is a yearly eco-tourism event promoting an understanding and appreciation of birds (throughout the month of January) and other wildlife and an awareness of environmental and conservation issues of the Central Coast, while contributing to the well-being of the Morro Bay community.  The event is sponsored by the Morro Coast Audubon Society in collaboration with California State Parks, the Central Coast State Parks Association, and the City of Morro Bay.  For information, visit the website or call (805) 772-2694, then dial O.  You will see lots of photographers from all over the world attending the events of this festival and they, in turn, attract tons of tourists to Morro Bay this month.

Our fabulous Set Up Day Team was in true form installing Virginia Mack’s amazing watercolors!  Her show is awesome and our Opening Reception Night is Friday, January 13th from 5-8pm.  Please mark your calendars and come and support your fellow artists.  We’d love to see you and so would the customers.  And the weekend of our Reception Night is a 3-day weekend with the celebration of Martin Luther King’s holiday!!  So again, lots of tourists coming to Morro Bay!!



And everyone worked extra hard getting Aris Zavitsanos’s work up as his parents were helping to get his work to the Gallery.  The team did a great job in getting Aris’s wall redone and show installed. 

And we helped get Yael Korin's, a new member and wonderful photographer, wall up with her amazing photography as well!  Welcome aboard, Yael!  Yael and her family live in Los Osos.


Another new member, Jean Woodruff and an amazing painter, got her wall up as well!  Welcome aboard, Jean!  Jean lives in Atascadero and has just moved to the Central Coast from Salinas.  And after getting walls done we all went down to the Dutchman for lunch!  We had quite a crowd and had a great lunch.


2016 was a wonderful year, full of new friends and lots of amazing artwork and great customer connections.  2017 looks to be even better with even more new artists wanting to participate in our beautiful Gallery and even more new customers discovering our incredibly talented artists and wanting to support us all!  


Cheers to the NEW YEAR everyone!
See you soon

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Setup Day for December 2016

GALLERY CHRISTMAS PARTY is Friday, December 9th!!  
ALSO OUR OPENING RECEPTION NIGHT FOR “EDGE OF THE SEA” from 5-8 pm—mark your calendars!

We had such a wonderful Set Up Day for our huge Group Show “Edge of the Sea” with 34 of our painters and photographers participating.  We have a beautiful brochure that we hope you will pick up and give out to friends and family as well as our December postcard invitation to our Opening Reception Night next Friday!

Set Up Day was chilly but we were able to get the show installed before we all went to lunch at the Dutchman.

Don Doubledee, Ardeva Swanberg & George Asdel

Alice Cahill & Virginia Mack

Here are Don, Jo, & George in the first pic, and Alice and Virginia in the second pic.  Everyone helped out but our Hanging Crew (Don, Gregory, Greg, and Spanky) were the hero’s of the day with all the lifting, hammering, and rearranging they did all morning.  We always begin Set Up Day at 9 am but several of us got there at 8:30 so we could get things ready and put out the big box of donuts for all of us.

Jane Siragusa, Spanky Anderson & Pat Newton

Don Doubledee and Jack McNeal

Here’s Spanky and I helping Pat change out her wall in the first pic, and Don and Jack adding folios to the bins.

The Lunch Bunch!

And here we all are in the Dutchman for lunch.  We had such fun talking and catching up with everyone!!  And there’s Mary de Wilde on the end of the table (across from George) who is one of our newest members to the Gallery!  Welcome Aboard, Mary!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Setup day for Duane Laurabee and Mark Allen

We took down Linda Bench's and Jo Swanberg’s amazing artwork from the month of October shows as well as the Icon Show in the upper room.  We had lots of sales and activities going on last month!  

We put up Duane Laurabee’s and Mark Allen’s incredible oil paintings for the November shows. Duane's work is found in the Lower Featured Artist area and Mark Allen is on the Upper Room's beautiful red wall! 


Please welcome Dottie Visker to the Gallery.  Dottie paints amazingly colorful abstracts and has taken a Gridwall in the upper room.  She and her husband Larry live in Roseville.  Welcome Aboard, Dottie!

Please welcome Cathy Lischerelli to the Gallery.  Cathy is also an abstract painter, but with an unique style and color palette and has taken a Gridwall in the upper room.  She and her husband Peter live in Paso Robles.  Welcome Aboard, Cathy!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Setup Day for October


We took down Jari’s and Sharon’s shows and got the Gallery repainted and set up with our new arrangement in the upper room.  Below is Jari in front of her amazing Chinese Brush Paintings.

Featured Artist Jarien de Ham

Guest Artist Sharon Sobraske

And we put up Linda Bench’s amazing drawings and Ardella Swanberg’s beautiful watercolors in the lower Gallery.  Both of these artists are master painters and have an incredible eye for color and composition.  


Both Jack and Spanky were helping set up with all the details that go into making the Gallery look professional and awesome.  And we Scott Birchell, below, got a couple of his beautiful photographs up on his new wall.



Our amazing Hanging Crew also installed the Central Coast Iconographers show in the upper room and it’s an incredible show of color, texture, and beauty—so much gold leaf and history!


Saturday, September 3, 2016

Setup Day for September 2016


We had such a successful Set Up Day this week.  Jari de Ham’s wonderful Chinese Brush Paintings are up and looking great.  We installed a magnificent Chinese Scroll that Jari painted hanging on one of the large walls in the lower Gallery Featured Artist area.  Her work is awesome.  


And in the upper Gallery Guest Artist area we installed Sharon Sobraske’s wonderful paintings…everything from landscapes, waterscapes, coy fish and flowers.  She did an amazing job putting her colorful show together.  She’s putting the finishing touches on her show this week as we all prepare for Opening Reception night!!


Opening Reception Night is Friday, September 9th from 5-8pm.  Please mark your calendars and come to support your Jari and Sharon!  Come hear Mike Swanberg sing & play! 

We are NEEDING new members to join our Gallery.  Please take a minute and think of who you may know who is an artist that may want to sell their work and join our community of great artists.  You can email me their phone or email address and I’d be happy to contact them.  You can also give them my phone 805-801-0882.  Thank you.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Setup Day for August 2016


We had a great time getting Beth Sargent’s and Susan Manbeian’s artwork up on the Gallery Show walls on Saturday.  It was an early foggy Saturday morning so we all enjoyed munching down donuts while we chatted with all the artists.  Jeff Odell and Greg Siragusa, part of our Hanging Crew, helped Susan carry up her wonderful canvases…some were very huge!…and get the canvases ready to hang.  Beth had already carried her photography up the stairs and was ready to go!  Beth’s photography is amazing and it’s the first thing you see when you start climbing to our front door.  And Sue’s ginormous and wonderful  canvas of flowers greets you as you come up the inner stairway.  Come to the Gallery at take a look at our amazing artists and new shows.



We had a good turn-out for our Lunch Bunch crowd at the Dutchman.  The city was so crowded with tourists that it was good we left early for lunch and we got our special table so we all could visit.  Jack and Gay shared photos of their trip to Alaska and we caught up on all the fun things that we all have been doing this summer.  We have such fun!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Setup Day for July 2016


We had a very productive Set Up Day. Chuck Pruitt arrived super early and we got his wonderful photography up on the Guest Artist Wall in the Upper Gallery. Pat Newton arrived soon after with her amazing oil paintings and we installed her show in the Lower Gallery. Both shows are so colorful and full of awesome images of the Central Coast. Opening Reception Night is Friday, July 8th from 5-8pm. Please mark your calendars and come to support your Gallery Mates!


Featured Artist Pat Newton
Guest Artist Chuck Pruitt


Windows On The Water restaurant has asked Gallery at Marina Square to be the artistic force behind the painting of their Cow for the SLO County Cow Parade 2016. Many businesses in SLO county have purchased cows and contracted with different artists on the Central Coast to paint the cows. Windows On The Water's cow is named the “Half-way Heifer” to be designed and painted by our Gallery Painting Team-- Jeff Odell and myself, Don Doubledee and Greg Siragusa. She will be depicting “So Cal” on the left side of her and “No Cal” on her right side and a 50 yard line down her center-- and lots of landmarks painted on both sides. Right now, the full sized cow is standing on tarps in Suite 4, next to the Wine Shop downstairs. When she arrived, she was totally white fiberglass, and now she has her first coat of black paint on her. After she’s all painted to the design specifications of Stan and Brian (Windows owners) by our Gallery Painting Team, she will be mounted on a cement block and stand on our patio in front of the restaurant. I will keep you posted on her progress.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Setup Day for June, 2016


We had a good Memorial Weekend and we had tons of tourists coming into town and into our Gallery.  Our Set Up Day went great with Spanky getting his amazing paintings installed in the lower gallery and Bill Sima, with his incredible photography on metal, in the upper gallery.  We started early, as usual with our Hanging Crew, so that we could begin hanging at 9am and finish before 11am... so we all could go to lunch.  We had a small group at Lunch Bunch yesterday, only the six of us, but we had so much fun getting to know one another better!!  The shows look wonderful!!



Please mark your calendars for Friday, June 10th for our fun evening of meeting and greeting tourists and creating customer connections.   Our customers are the reason we have a gallery and we need to all spend time developing relationships with the people who love our work and who buy our work.  And you’ll want to hear Mike Swanberg sing and hear his wonderful music!  We will also have some great finger foods to eat!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Setup Day for May 2016

On Setup Day for May 2016 we setup two amazing artists - Hope Myers & Don Doubledee!

We had such fun getting our new shows set up on Saturday. Hope Myer’s show is full of wonderful watercolors—landscapes, waterscapes, animals cover our lower room Featured Artist area. It’s hugely full of color which is so perfect for our Spring May month! Hope has a variety of work on canvas, framed under glass, tiles, folios and lots of cards ready for the customers coming to the Gallery.

Don Doubledee’s show in the upper gallery is such a wonderful contrast of drawings in black and white and color washes…which really pop on the red Guest Artist wall. He has all different sizes with folios and cards for people to choose from. It has such a great modern feel to his show.

Don and Hope are both amazing artists who have done amazing work to get ready for this show! Be sure to come on down, and see for yourself! Hope's watercolors will bring a dash of light and color, and Don's Pen and Ink drawings will simplify your life!

See you soon!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Setup Day for April 2016

We have two amazing artists sharing the month of April. Our Featured Artist is Painter Marc Genet.

Marc Genet’s abstract paintings are wonderfully filling up the lower walls of the Gallery. 


Our Guest Artist this month is Alison Salome!

Alison Salome's show is full of birds with lots of works which we were able to put out in the upper room.