Friday, April 1, 2016

Setup Day for April 2016

We have two amazing artists sharing the month of April. Our Featured Artist is Painter Marc Genet.

Marc Genet’s abstract paintings are wonderfully filling up the lower walls of the Gallery. 


Our Guest Artist this month is Alison Salome!

Alison Salome's show is full of birds with lots of works which we were able to put out in the upper room.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Setup Day for March 2016


We had such a fun Set Up Day today.  George Asdel, with his wonderful abstracts and poetry are so amazing.  He and his wife, Kathie, worked together to get all the wall tags up and all the pieces priced.  And Jeff Odell’s show in the upper room is fantastic too.  The Hanging Crew did an an amazing job today and we were able to get the shows up and then on down to the Restaurant for our Lunch Bunch.

Featured Artist George Asdel

Guest Artist Jeff Odell

And we had quite a crowd for out Out To Lunch Bunch at the Dutchman Restaurant today.  It’s always so fun to meet with everyone, visit and catch up on what we’re doing, and just chat away and laugh.

Our OPENING RECEPTION for George and Jeff is Friday, March 11th from 5-8pm!!

Please welcome Ryan Carroll to the Gallery.  Ryan works is cut paper and his wall is next to Lisa Kanofsky’s in the upper room.  Ryan lives in Santa Maria.  Welcome aboard, Ryan!

Please welcome Marjorie Zlotowitz to the Gallery.  Marjorie is a jeweler and her jewelry box in next to the Sales Desk in the lower room.  Marjorie lives in Cambria with her husband T.J.  Welcome aboard, Marjorie!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Setup Day for February 2016

Our crews work very hard at taking down Carlo’s and Virginia’s shows on Friday.  Don spent a lot of time painting and spackeling walls and making our Gallery look pristine again. Jeff and Spanky worked hard at taking down work and helping the artists pack up their shows. 

Sharon Sobraske moved to a wall in the upper room and Carlo moved his work to the wall next to Ingrid Brink, so we had lots of activity going on that day.  And Gregory McIntosh was very busy organizing Community Walls with new work and rotating art throughout the Gallery.  And Spanky was busy helping install our newest member, Ryan Carroll, who does amazing paper collage.  His wall is in the upper room next to Lisa Kanofsky—welcome aboard Ryan!

Gary Fair came super early to the Gallery so we were able to get his show up first.  If you haven’t been to a Set Up Day, then you haven’t seen the great system we have in place.  Don, Greg, Jeff, Greg and Spanky do such great work hauling artwork up the stairs, unpacking boxes and bags and set out each piece of artwork that needs to be hung.  We have such a great team working together…my job is to step back and look at each wall as one large canvas so that each framed picture that is hung all works with the others framed pieces around it.  Don hammers the nails in place and works with me on placement while Jeff and Spanky feed him nails and artwork.  It’s a real team effort and lots of work and we’ve had a Hanging Crew do this together for 13 years now—some of the crew has changed over the years, but Don and I have been doing it the whole time.  And Gary’s oil paintings are amazing and his show is great with so many wonderful waterscape images with surfers and boats and so much more.  You have to come and see it all.

Jillian came on time and Greg helped haul her work up to the upper room and I worked out the placement of each piece while Don and Spanky and Jeff got all the wonderful photography up on the walls while Greg helped manage clean up.  Her show looks wonderful and full of color!!  Such fun photography.

We had 7 artists who joined in for the Lunch Bunch and they said they had a great time.  We had Don, Jillian, Gay, Jack, Carlo, Jeff and Greg (who was taking the pic).  It’s such a good marketing strategy to get other artists to know you so that they can sell your work better when it’s their day to sit.

Friday, February 12th is our Opening Reception for Gary Fair and Jillian Parks!!  Please come and support your fellow artists and make some sales for yourself while your there!!  We'll have lots of food and wonderful music by Mike Swanberg.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Setup Day for January 2016


We had a wonderful Set Up Day yesterday.  Virginia Mack and our wonderful Hanging Crew got her Featured Artist walls set up with her wonderful show “Feathers and Light” and all her amazing watercolors of birds!!  And Carlo Christian (although he left before I got a pic of him) has his photography up in the upper Gallery and the Hanging Crew did an amazing job with his show too.  His awesome photography is wonderful.  

Mark your calendars for Friday, Jan 8th—next week for our RECEPTION NIGHT!!!

We had such a good lunch at the Dutchman Restaurant…and although I missed getting a pic of Virginia and myself, the rest of the artists look happy and contented from a great meal!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year…our Gallery is staying open and we’re able to pay our bills when so many galleries are having to close.  We have one of the largest galleries on the Central Coast with the most top professional artists under one roof!  We have an amazing location, the best view out our back door, and such loving friendships with each other inside!! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Setup Day for December - 2015

Hello Everyone—

We had a fantastic Set Up Day…all the artists in the Group Shows, “Glory of the Morros” and “Zoom In, Zoom Out”  had their artwork at the Gallery on time for our Hanging Crew…Don, Spanky, Greg, and Jeff….here’s Greg and Spanky putting up the smaller framed works on the wood wall around the window.

And our Hanging Crew did a terrific job at installing all the amazing artwork.  It’s a beautiful show in both rooms!  Such awesome, talented artists that we have in these two shows and in the whole Gallery!!

And it was so great to see our photographers and painters all chit-chatting throughout the morning…here’s Alice talking with Virginia and Sarah and Jari.

And then going over to the Dutchman Restaurant for our Lunch Bunch Event…we had 14 artists gathered together for the meal and we had such a good time catching up with each others lives and sharing our thoughts and creative ideas and talking about art and food, and sharing photos on our smart phones as you can see Jack doing in the photo. 

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 11th…for our Opening Reception for these two wonderful shows and for our Christmas Party…5-8pm.  All the show artists will be bringing lots of holiday treats for us to eat and Mike Swanberg will be entertaining us with his amazing voice and guitar music!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Setup Day for November 2015

We had such an awesome Set Up Day.  Ingrid's and Sarah’s show looks amazing and the colors from all the paintings really work so well together.  You can see from the photos that Ingrid and Sarah use a similar color palette so all the artwork for the show looks wonderful together.

And Mark’s show is spectacular on the red wall with all his amazing oil paintings.  Please mark your calendars for Friday, Nov 13th for our Opening Reception and come to support these 3 talented artists and meet the customers…and even sell some of your own work while you meet and greet all the folks!!

We had a terrific turn-out for our Out To Lunch Bunch on Set Up Day…it’s so wonderful to catch up with all the things happening with our members, share ideas and talk about art!!  Our Hanging Crew does such an awesome job in getting our shows up.  Thank you guys!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Setup Day for October 2015

Hello Everyone—

We had such a productive Take Down Day this month with our painting the Guest Wall in the upper room.  Our Hanging Crew (Don Doubledee, Spanky Anderson, Jeff Odell, Greg Siragusa, and Gregory McIntosh) all helped, but Don and Greg made several trips to the Gallery during the night and wee-hours of the morning to put on several coats of paint.  Tons of work!!  And they did an amazing job!!  The wall is great!!  Below they are standing by the “bubblegum” color of the Primer they used…it hurts your eyes!! 

And the wall was ready to hang with our Central Coast Iconographers artwork.  And here’s the wall with the paint dried and ready to hang.  And below are Don and Spanky putting up some of the finishing touches of the Guest Artist Show with Deb and her Icon Group of Painters.

And our Featured Artist this month is Jo Swanberg and her show is wonderful in the Lower Gallery.  Lots of colors and textures!!  Here she is putting up the wall tags for her beautiful watercolors. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Setup Day for September 2015

We’ve had good August Sales and this weekend we had lots of people visiting Morro Bay…and our Take Down Day was very busy…not only with customers coming into the Gallery, but with all the activity of taking down Spanky’s and Linda’s shows.  Their work is so wonderful and it’s always fun being with the artists and talking about their beautiful artwork.  

We started very early yesterday morning, about 8:30 am to avoid all the heat, in setting up Jack's and Gay’s artwork on the Guest Artist wall for their show.  Gay’s fabric artwork and Jack’s photography really look wonderful…all the colors mixing and complementing each other’s artwork.  And then we set up Mari O’Brien’s artwork…her African theme with all it’s amazing textures and colors are so wonderful.  Take a look below…everyone was putting the finishing touches on their shows.  They look so good.
Featured artist Mari O'Brien setting up her Show 
Guest Artists Jack & Gay McNeal and their show, 


We always have such fun when we meet for lunch…and we had such fun watching all the kayaking and canoeing going on in the bay while we ate.  We had such a good time!  And special thanks to our Hanging Crew—Don Doubledee, Jeff Odell, Spanky Anderson, Gregory McIntosh, and Greg Siragusa—they work very hard climbing ladders, hauling work up and down the stairs from vehicle to Gallery, spackeling, painting, cleaning and all kinds of other jobs that come up!!  Thank you, guys!!

Please mark your calendars for Friday, Sept 11th for our Opening Reception for our Featured Artists Exhibition in September!!  Hopefully Jack will make his famous Cranberry Cookies!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reception Night, July 10th

Reception night was an unusual night in Morro Bay—hot and clammy—but we had lots of tourists and locals coming in to participate in the evening’s event, and walk throughout the Marina Square Complex.

Our exhibiting artists, Pat Newton and Greg Siragusa, talked with all the folks that wanted to learn more about their amazing artwork, and had very good sales, and it was great to see people wanting to come back again and again. Both Pat and Greg had price points (greeting cards, folios of various sizes, tiles, magnets, giclées, etc) in all formats for customers to choose from. We also had new member Alison Salome join the gallery and who just got her photography work set up on that day.

Alison Salome,
new member
Patricia Newton,
Oil Painting
Gregory Siragusa,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Setup Day for July Shows

June 30th was the gallery’s “setup day” for our July shows: Gregory Siragusa’s photography show, “Into the Light,” and Patricia Newton’s oil painting show, “Way of the Sea.” Setup day is always full of hustle and bustle, as not just the exhibiting artists put up their shows, but also new members, and many of the other artists put up new work. This is also the day that the artists get together as the “lunch bunch” at a popular local eatery, where they get a chance to catch up with each other.

Greg Siragusa, Photography
Patricia Newton, Oil Painting

Jillian Parks, new gallery member, stands
in front of her photography exhibit

Monday, June 15, 2015

Artist’s Reception, June 12

We had nice, balmy weather in Morro Bay on reception night, and lots of tourists coming into the gallery to participate in the evening’s event—and walk thought the Marina Square complex. Alice Cahill and Bill Sima, our exhibiting artists, were busy talking with all the folks that wanted to learn more about their photography.
Alice Cahill, photographer
Bill Sima, photographer

Tasty treats
Sweet treats  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Setup day for June's exhibits

Our Set Up Day on May 30th was great. Alice Cahill’s photography for her “Nature’s Best” show got installed into the lower gallery area and Bill Sima’s photography show on metal is installed in the upper gallery area. The shows both looks awesome.

Setup day is also the day when many of the artists come in to switch around the work on their walls or bring in new work, and then gather together as the “lunch bunch” at a favorite local eatery. It’s always a fun time of connecting with our fellow artists.

Alice Cahill—all set up!
Bill Sima’s photography exhibit

Gallery artist Jarien de Ham participated in a week of
sculpting at the California Sculptors Symposium in
Cambria in May and got 1st Place in Stone for her Italian
sculpture entitled EgretShe brought it in
to display at the gallery for the month of June.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April Reception for Exhibiting Artists

Our May 8th reception for our exhibiting artists (Susan Wood, watercolors, and John Gannon, photography) was well attended and lots of fun, as always. Mike Swanberg, our “music man,” played his guitar and sang, and we had a really amazing variety of great food—there wasn't much left at the end of the evening!

John Gannon
Susan Wood

Looks good!
More goodies!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Setup Day for May Exhibits

April 30th was our “setup day” for our May exhibiting artists: Susan Wood, “Sea, Sky, and Tangled Trees” (watercolors), and John Gannon’s photography. Other gallery members also showed up to switch out their personal exhibits. Setup day is always full of hustle and bustle, and many of the artists go out to lunch together at a favorite local eating place and get a chance to socialize and catch up with each other. Here are a couple of photos:

John Gannon, busy getting set up
Susan Wood—final preparations