Sunday, August 3, 2014

Setup Day for Our August Exhibits

Wednesday, July 30th was our “setup day.” This is is the day that our artists change out their work or add new work to their displays, and our exhibiting artists set up their exhibits—this month, Beth Sargent with her photography show “Sharing Nature’s Story” in our lower gallery and Pat Newton, with her oil painting exhibit “Coastal California” in our upper gallery.

Patricia Newton with her oil paintings
Beth Sargent and her photography

We had a great crowd of artists who joined us for lunch on setup day! There were 14 of us in total, but somehow we missed getting a few artists in the frame... We always have such a good time talking with one another and getting to know each other better, and the food is so amazing at the local restaurant we go to!

The “lunch bunch”

Friday, July 18, 2014

July Artists’ Reception

Our artists’ reception was held on Friday, July 11th (the second Friday of the month is always our reception night).

We had so many people loving Chuck Jennings’ and Sarah DeLong’s artwork on reception night and  they had a great night in sales, too! Sarah had sold several originals just the night before, so she had to scramble to get more work up for the reception! We also had a lot of positive feedback for all the artists. There was a great crowd of visitors to the gallery all day long and customers continued to come into the gallery throughout the reception. Mike Swanberg kept us all humming along with him with his great songs.

Chuck Jennings and his “Illuminations” photography exhibit 
Sarah DeLong’s “California Inspired Watercolors”

There was also an amazing food table, including a birthday cake for the gallery…

Lots of yumminess...
Birthday cake!
Checking out the food!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 30th—Setting Up Exhibits for July

The 30th of each month is our “setup day” at the gallery. On June 30th we set up our two exhibiting artists for July, plus lots of our other artists came in to change their work around—then a bunch of the artists get together over lunch. Our July exhibits are for Sarah DeLong, watercolor, and Chuck Jennings, photography. 

Here are some photos of setup day:

Sarah DeLong, watercolor
Chuck Jennings, photography
The “Out to Lunch” bunch

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Artists’ Reception, June 13th

Gallery at Marina Square held our artists’ reception for our June exhibiting artists, Alice Cahill and Jeff Odell. Alice, an award-winning photographer, is showing “Light Journeys” and Jeff, an oil painter who has been painting local scenes for many years, including several local murals, is showing his exhibit “35 Years of Plein Air.”

Here are some reception night photos:

Photographer Alice Cahill
Oil painter Jeff Odell
Tom Schaeffer entertains us

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Exhibits, Setup Day

Gallery at Marina Square set up its June exhibits on May 30th—Jeff Odell set up his “35 Years of Plein Air” show of oil paintings, and Alice Cahill set up her photography exhibit, “Light Journeys.”

Here are a couple of photos from setup day:

Alice Cahill—finishing touches
Jeff Odell looks proud
to have his exhibit up!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Reception Night for May’s Shows

What fun we had tonight. We had so much positive feedback for all the artists tonight and such a great crowd of visitors to the gallery all day long, and they continued to come into the gallery throughout the night for our reception. Mother’s Day weekend really brought in the customers all week long. Our guest and featured artists George Asdel, “Jo” Swanberg, and Virginia Mack each sold original work and cards and folios.

The gallery artists always have such fun talking with so many other artists and art lovers, and when there are new gallery members it’s the first chance to meet them for many of us!

Ardella Swanberg (“Jo”)
George Asdel

Some of it is healthy!
Looks good!
Virginia Mack

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Setting up May’s Shows

“Show setup day” is always the 30th of the month—this is the day when our exhibiting artists set up their shows, new members set up their spaces, and older members bring in new work and re-arrange their walls. This is always a busy and hectic day, but great fun for the artists to spend time together. Hungry artists who are around join the “lunch bunch,” going to a favorite local eatery to take a needed lunchtime break.

This month the gallery was setting up for our exhibiting Artists, Jo (Ardella) Swanberg and Virginia Mack (In the Moment), and George Asdel (Paintings, Poems, & Whimsy).

The “lunch bunch”

“Jo” Swanberg—ready!
George Asdel—ready!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Artists’ Reception for April 2014

Reception nights are always so lively at the gallery—and our April 11th reception featured four of our artists: Bill Rumbler, with his photography exhibit “A Window To Fly Through,” and Susan McKee (collage/painting), Carole McDonald (oil/acrylic), and Janice Lucier (acrylic/oil) with their show “Three Points of View.” Here they are, in front of their exhibits:

Bill Rumbler
Carole McDonald

Susan McKee
Janice Lucier

Checking out the food table...

Friday, April 4, 2014

April's Setup Day

On March 30th, Gallery at Marina Square’s artists and setup crew swapped out work, put up new work, and set up the shows for the exhibiting artists. It’s always a busy and fun time to work together and see the new exhibits and new work, and to meet artists who are joining us for the first time.

Here are pictures from setup day for our April exhibits:

Bill Rumbler, photography
Carole McDonald, oil/acrylic

Susan McKee’s work, collage/painting
Janice Lucier, acrylic/oil

Robert Helfert, photographer
and new gallery member

The “lunch bunch” on setup day March 30th

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reception Night, March 14th

We had a great crowd of visitors to the gallery all day long continuing into the night for our reception for our exhibiting artists, Carol Astaire (oil painting), and Geoffery Rowe (graphic art).  Carol talked to so many people during the evening who loved hearing all about what impassions her to paint. And people loved talking with Geoffery Rowe about his incredible graphic art.  It was a great evening. Carol and Geoff sold several pieces each of their framed work and lots of prints and cards. It was a hugely attended and successful reception!  Below are pictures of Geoffery, Carol, and Mike during the reception...

Geoffery Rowe discusses his art
Featured Artist, Carol Astaire 
Mike Swanberg, the gallery’s own
“music man”

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Setup Day for March Shows

As always, at the end of each month, our installation crew works hard to make sure all the artwork looks perfect throughout the whole gallery. The last day of February, they helped set up Carol Astaire’s beautiful oil paintings in the lower gallery as well as installing Geoffery Rowe’s amazing graphic art in the upper room.

Carol Astaire
Geoffery Rowe’s graphic art

Monday, February 17, 2014

Reception Night, February 14th

Lots and lots of people were in town for the three-day weekend, so along with our regular local customers, we had tons of people attending our Opening Reception night.

The reception was in honor of our exhibiting artists, Cheryl Strahl and Lani Briceland, with their shows “Exploring Light” (photography) and “My Affair with Nature” (pastels), respectively.

The upper room was so packed during the early part of reception that we couldn’t hardly get around! Many customers bought artwork to give as a Valentine’s gift… lots of romantic couples came to our reception before they headed off for a romantic dinner together.

Our exhibiting artists:

Cheryl Strahl
Lani Briceland

Some goodies!
Some healthy stuff!
Mike Swanberg sings

Monday, February 3, 2014

Setup Day for February’s Shows

On January 30th, as usual at the end of each month, the gallery was abuzz with activity as exhibiting artists Cheryl Strahl and Lani Briceland set up her exhibits—Cheryl’s “Exploring Light” photography exhibit and Lani’s “My Affair with Nature” pastel exhibit. Both exhibits will be on display through February 27th. “Setup day” is also the day that many of the rest of the gallery artists change out their artwork and bring in new work to show.

Cheryl Strahl is putting the finishing
touches on her exhibit
Don Doubledee sets up
Lani Briceland’s show
The “lunch bunch”

An artists’ reception will be held on Friday, February 14th, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There will be plenty of refreshments, and good company... please join us!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Setup Day for Our January Exhibits

Gallery at Marina Square set up its January exhibits on December 30th—Don Doubledee set up his mixed media “Fantasy & Reality” show, and Gregory Siragusa, Farron Halapciuc, and Mary Ratner set up their photography exhibit, “Reflections.”

Here are some photos from setup day:

Photographer Farron Halapciuc works on
setting up her exhibit, with the help of
her baby and her mom
Artist, photographer, architect Don
Doubledee proudly stands in front
of his January exhibit
Photographer Mary Ratner is almost
finished with setting up her exhibit

An artists’ reception will be held on Friday, January 10th, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Join us for art, conversation, and refreshments!